Welcome to Kling Klong Vancouver The Early Childhood Music Education

Kling Klong Vancouver is managed by Leonie Bunz. If you have questions about Kling Klong or if you want to book a free trial lesson, just call Leonie via phone number (604) 338-8333 or send a message via the contact form.


Leonie Bunz

Leonie Bunz

Leonie was born and raised in Germany, where she developed a passion for early childhood education with the birth of her two children. After moving to Vancouver, Leonie made her dream come true and founded a Modern Music School in Tsawwassen. Leonie is the manager and Kling-Klong coach of that location. 
Leonie dedicates her personal and professional life to the field of early childhood education with focus on the Arts and Music. 
Leonie has been trained and educated by the Modern Music School franchise in the field of early childhood music education. She is also an enthusiastic advocate of the Montessori Philosophy which emphasizes active learning, independence, cooperation, and learning in harmony with each child’s unique pace of development.Leonie’s goal is for every child to love making music by providing an enriched, positive, stress free learning environment that makes everybody proud of themselves, raises self-esteem, gives them the ability to express emotions as well as to unwind and to relax.



5405 12th Avenue, Suite 101
Vancouver Delta BC V4M-2B2

T: +1 604 3388333