Make your dream come true and start your own music school for early music education!

Become a franchisee

What we offer

As a franchise partner, you are an independent licensee of the Kling Klong concept, which is represented by the Modern Music School GmbH in Idar-Oberstein.

Anyone who joins us will use the name of our name from the very beginning. It automatically has strong cooperation partners and tried and tested advertising material - which is cost-effective because of the high order quantities. Our concept is designed and tested in a detailed way, without your pedagogical work becoming too narrow.

With your franchise launch package, you will not only get the license to get started, but also include our operating software, the MMS Franchising manuals, samples for advertising media, our training program (for you and their course instructors), and more. And once your own Kling Klong branch is opened, you pay a monthly license fee, which is calculated as percentage of your sales. It therefore remains a framework for the economic development of your branch, which has little impact and gives you stability. This ensures that all costs are calculable and that our joint success is continuously increasing.


What we expect

Kling Klong franchise partnership is easier to carry than its business only on its own shoulders. There are nevertheless features that you need if you want to be our partner .

These include:

  •     business interest,
  •     their willingness to embrace a system set up from the outside,
  •     the desire to constantly expand a new business,
  •     teamwork for the benefit of a network,
  •     the desire to constantly develop
  •     and of course: enjoy music and work with children.


How to apply

We will send you further information about our concept without obligation. Just fill out this contact form. We will send you feedback within a few days.Then take a look at our information package  and let us discuss all further questions in a personal meeting. We provide you with insight into all important documents and calculate for you a sample calculation of your possible branch. Obendrein experience with us Kling Klong in practice.

Of course, you can also contact us by phone and get personal advice.
Contact: Christine Kaiser (Kling Klong Manager)  Tel .: +49 6781 - 457520

We look forward to hearing from you and hope to welcome you soon




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