Children from 3 to 6 years
3 to 6 years of age
9 courses consisting of 12 lessons, 45 minutes each
Jungle & Wonderland
A large spectrum of musical activities and games are covered, including stop dances, experiencing sounds and waves, songs accompanied with percussion instruments, listening and responding to music, reaction games, games of rhythm, recognition of sounds, coloring to music, touch games, acoustic games, visual games, and much more.
Travel & World Music
A diversity of musical activities and games are available, including music from around the globe, music of various cultures in place and time, fantasy journeys, moving and dancing expressively, stop dances, group singing, games for auditory and visual sensibility, touch games, rhyme games, coloring to music, musicians’ portraits, songs and games with notes, and much more.
Mini Drumming
The children gain a feeling for rhythm and time in a natural and playful manner using drums and percussion instruments. A variety of activities playfully connect rhythmic elements with perception, movement, and speech.
Stories of Sound
The children make up and tell a story that is funny, exciting, or even scary and set it to music using instruments and other sources of sound. They experiment, try, and find out how to compose sounds that represent steps and sounds of nature. With colored stickers on the keyboard, they try to create music that represents feelings and moods. At the end, they are encouraged to ''write'' their music.
Mini Classical
Classical music provides a limitless number of possible playful activities. The children get to know the instruments used in an orchestra, experience how music can tell stories, and create pictures to accompany the stories. The harmonizing effect of classical music helps children find an inner calm and balance.
Why does something sound the way it sounds? This is what children learn in this course by creating musical instruments from household items (empty cans, paper plates, etc.) and experimenting, comparing, and categorizing their sounds. These instruments are then used for dancing, moving rhythmically, group singing, and orchestrating songs.
Mini Musical
The children put on a short musical in which the monkey Kling Klong goes on fun and exciting adventures with his friends. This includes playing, dancing, singing, orchestration with percussion instruments and, of course, performing.