Kling Klong was founded in Germany in 1997 by Hans-Peter Becker. He thought of Kling Klong when he was unable to find an appealing early childhood education program for his daughter. One of our primary sources of inspiration is Maria Montessori, who believed in progressive education. True to her guiding principle, “help me to do it myself”, at Kling Klong, we create a musical learning environment that encourages every child to find fulfillment in a way suitable to his or her individual development.

“Help me to do it myself”
Maria Montessori


Kling Klong — the early childhood music education program that all children love! Based on child-centered pedagogy, this program combines in a great way music, play, creativity, and fantasy with a child’s development and learning. Alongside the monkey Kling Klong, children between the ages of 1½ and 6 explore the world of music.

Musical Education Program for children from 1½ to 6 years. Priority is given to children and music follows. Based on child-centered pedagogy.
Oriented to the natural development of children.
Music as a play, creative, explorative, and joyful activity.
Music as a companion for children’s personal, social, emotional, and cognitive development.
Freedom, which serves the creative expression and needs of children.

First the children, then the music

Organizational Structure

  • Only 8-12 children per group
  • Total 9 courses of 12 lessons, 45 minute each
  • Each course has the same workflow structure, only contents vary
  • Free trial lesson
  • Entry possible at any time
  • One-time payment or 3 monthly payments possible
  • One time handling charge
  • Silbling discount
  • Subsequent instrumental lessons


Hans-Peter Becker

Hans-Peter Becker, founder and CEO of Modern Music School, thought of Kling Klong when he was unable to find an appealing early childhood music education program for his daughter. He is the author of “Unleash the Secret of Education and Learn How to Raise A Happy Child,“ in which he describes the basic pedagogical concept behind Kling Klong and Modern Music School.

Christine Kaiser

Christine Kaiser, early childhood educator, developed the Kling Klong concept alongside Hans-Peter Becker. She has supervised course instructors and franchise partners since 1998 and administers and organizes everything concerning Kling Klong.

Petra Mansky

Early childhood educator, offers Kling Klong courses since 2001 in her own Kling Klong location. Since 2012 she is training course instructors alongside Christine Kaiser and counsels course instructors in german speaking countries.

Anna Mavrogiorgou

Early childhood teacher since 2001, holds a diploma in special education as well as a master‘s in education and is a PhD candidate. Anna has been offering Kling Klong courses since 2013 at MMS in greek. Since December 2016, she is teaching new Kling Klong teachers worldwide as “international head coach“ on Kling Klong musical, pedagogical, and methodological concepts.