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Kling Klong in black and white: “In jedem steckt ein Musiker” is the book about the origin and background of Kling Klong.
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“My son Lukas (5) has been with Kling Klong for a year now. At home, we’ve all started singing along!”
Manuela R. (32),
Norderstedt, Germany.

Kling Klong is the Modern Music School’s musical early education program.

Kling Klong – the musical early education that’s fun and follows a system! Alongside the monkey Kling Klong, children between the ages of 1 ½ and 7 explore the world of music. They are attended to by friendly instructors who themselves love music more than anything. They sing and dance together, experience rhythm and sound and play with instruments appropriate for children.

Kling Klong is music without borders – from Flamenco to Samba, from classical to rock music. Children invent games and dances, experiment with sounds and develop their musicality in a completely natural and playful way, and that benefits the development of their personalities.

All the important facts about Kling Klong are right here. Get to know our comprehensive concept with its numerous course options.

Get informed about our pedagogical and musical roots.

Kling Klong – making music the way kids love it.

Kling Klong in Athens
Since Oktober 2009 the Modern Music School Athens is offering Kling Klong